Compucare Hosting

Data Centre for reliable and convenient hosting of Compucare

The Streets Heaver Data Centre has been designed to host products from the Streets Heaver product suite.  Streets Heaver applications will be available over a standard internet connection without the need to be hosted on your own servers.

Always Stay Up-to-Date

When a new Compucare release is available updates to the Data Centre will be made on your behalf ensuring that you will always stay up to date on the latest versions of the software.  This has the added benefit of also keeping up to date on the latest versions of both Windows and SQL Servers.

Streets Heaver have been accredited with a Microsoft Silver Partnership for Data Centre and Hosting. This helps to differentiate Streets Heaver as a forward thinking company developing Microsoft infrastructure solutions that deliver robust, scalable platforms for a modern Data Centre.



  • N3 Connectivity;
  • No Single Point of Failure;
  • Future Proof;
  • 99.999% Independently Verified Uptime;


The datacentre has its own dedicated qualified engineers who stay up-to date with the latest technologies. A streamlined support service will be available as the team will be able to quickly gain access to the hosting servers without relying on a third party.


Safe and Secure

Streets Heaver take care of all system backups so you can rest assured that all your data is kept safe and secure.  A backup generator also reduces the chances of the system becoming unavailable due to power outages. The infrastructure has been designed in such a way that it reduces having any single point of failure. The data centre is covered by Streets Heaver’s ISO 27001:2013 for Information Security Management and is also covered by the NHS IG Toolkit/ IG SoC.