Digital Pens

Captures, converts and uploads written data into digital text.

Simple to use and easy to learn, Streets Heaver’s Digital Pen allows users to write up notes on standard forms and retain the written copy, whilst automatically converting the data into digital text. Different from other solutions in the market place, it not only produces a PDF of the written notes, but also uploads the captured data into the relevant fields within Streets Heaver’s software.

The solution supports both handwriting and drawings, which can be maintained in their original format, and requires no change to current administrative processes, all the while protecting patient confidentiality.


Improving the patient experience

In today’s healthcare environment there are many demands upon clinicians. Updating records can take up time better used to treat patients, whilst typing up notes during appointments can shift focus away from the patient. Digital Pens are proven to improve operational efficiency by radically reducing the time spent on paperwork and data entry, allowing clinicians to concentrate fully on their patients.


Increasing accuracy

Data is seamlessly uploaded into Streets Heaver’s software by docking the pen into a cradle connected to a local PC, or remotely, using Bluetooth technology in conjunction with a mobile telephone.

Data validation checks and corrections are carried out prior to transmission, avoiding errors within the electronic patient record.


Quick and impressive results

Streets Heaver’s innovative solution has been designed to enhance your service, reduce running costs and increase profit. Requiring minimal training to achieve quick and impressive results, the technology is proven to increase productivity by 35%*.


Bespoke solutions

Digital Pen technology can be adapted to meet your unique requirements and can be implemented as a stand-alone system or integrated into Compucare and Clinical Manager. Forms can be customised to meet your needs quickly and inexpensively, and can be generated from your laser printer as and when required using the software provided.