Hospital accounting system. The complete solution for all your financial needs.

Flexible and scalable

Complementing Compucare, Streets Heaver’s hospital information system, Financials is specifically designed to meet the needs of the individual hospital or clinic. Supporting any choice of base currency, it can be used worldwide and with its multi-company and consolidation facilities is suitable for hospital groups.

The easily defined nominal structure suits the needs of both large and small organisations, providing up to six levels of analysis with each level allowing up to 10 alpha numeric characters per code. Financials’ code wizard enables full nominal codes to be created en masse quickly and accurately, combining each level of analysis including hospital group or trust, site, department, classification and analysis codes.

A period-based accounting system, Financials only posts transactions to the relevant period, therefore providing managers with accurate, static month end reports.


All your financial data in a unified ledger

Financials is designed around the single unified ledger concept, allowing easy drill down to prime entry, providing an easy to follow audit trail and avoiding the need to keep ledgers synchronised. This streamlines processes, eliminating repetition whilst ensuring consistent, accurate data.


Automated accounting

Memorised journals enable frequently used transactions to be saved and entered automatically, saving time and reducing the risk of input error. Furthermore, recurring journals and batches can be setup and scheduled to be run on a regular basis. Statements, invoices and reports can all be sent via email.


Business intelligence

When used in conjunction with Compucare, Financials allows composite reports to be produced which incorporate both activity and financial data, invaluable for the reporting of key indicators and ratios. Reports can be exported to Excel and other standards for further manipulation. Highly customisable, they can be printed using the pre-defined templates or personalised to include logos.