NHS Orthotic Departments

A comprehensive solution for NHS orthotic departments.

Clinical Manager for Orthotics and Prosthetics is a comprehensive orthotics management system providing simple intuitive access for the planning, recording and administration of orthotics referrals, activities and ordering of custom orthoses.

It incorporates the functionality, scalability and security to meet the ever increasing demands of the NHS.  Fully scalable, it can be used on just one PC in a single department or in a multi-disciplinary network environment.  Clinical Manager helps to maintain control over costs by providing an accurate and real-time view of activity and service performance.

Integration with the latest Digital Pen technology reduces time spent of paperwork and data entry, allowing clinicians to concentrate fully on their patients. 

Clinical Manager is also a Connecting for Health accredited PAS for linking to their Choose and Book electronic referral service, which enforces full referral to treatment (RTT) management.