Ward App

Provide clinicians with mobile access to their current list of admitted patients, whilst they are working on the ward.


Key Benefits

Designed to support the recording of critical observations, the data collected by the Ward App, is transmitted back to Compucare to allow the current NEWS2 Score and Chart to be monitored.


NEWS2 Observations – record the observation process electronically from start to finish. Automated Escalation prompts to the RMO or Admitting Clinician if a patient’s condition deteriorates.


Improve bedside care – safer interactions can be held with patients at the bedside as important clinical alerts and allergies are always at hand and accessible to view.

Synchronised Bedboard – as the patient information alters and updates, so does Compucare’s electronic bedboard. Ensuring your ward is always in-sync and factually correct.

At a glance

  • Manage patients in your care
  • Detailed patient information
  • View all available patients
  • Filter by ward
  • NEWS 2 compliant
  • 24hr observation history
  • Escalation prompts
  • Set reminders and alerts
  • Simple handover process

Key Features

  • Designed for use on iPhone and iPod Touch
  • Easily review recent observations/NEWS2 Scores
  • Alerts for overdue and upcoming observations
  • 24 hour observation history available for each relevant patient
  • Escalation prompts with instruction dependent on criticality
  • Easily re-allocate/handover patients to other nurses at the end of shifts.