credit card

Credit Card Module

Using PXP’s technology to provide secure card processing; facilitating direct payment by debit and credit card.

Keep data secure

PXP offer a PCI-DSS level 1 hosted payment processing service as well as PA-DSS compliant software for Chip and Pin processing, the highest level of Data Security Standard set by the Payment Card Industry body. Compliance with this standard means that PXP are authorised to hold patient’s debit and credit card details, alleviating the risk to yourselves of hosting customer payment data.

Automated revenue capture

Sophisticated tokenisation means that patient’s payment details can be held in Compucare without storing actual sensitive card data. A swipe can be taken of the patient’s card and stored for taking payments a later date. If the patient doesn’t settle their shortfall, simply reactivate the credit or debit card and take payment automatically.

Features include:

  • Dynamic Currency Conversion offering patients convenience of paying in their own currency
  • Make both cardholder present and cardholder not present payments
  • Address Verification Systems (AVS) compares cardholder and address information to data held by issuing banks
  • Security Code Verification (CVV2 or CV2)
Credit card machine


Smarter scheduling, easier compliance and faster billing.
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