Support the ever-increasing demands of interoperability requirements for interfacing disparate systems.

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When collaboration is key to achieving your goals

MessageCall allows Compucare to talk bi-directionally with third party suppliers including NHS PAS, Laboratory, PACS, Radiology and Drug Monitoring systems; and many hospital open architecture systems, including those that have been developed in-house.

Examples of our inbound and outbound connected interfaces:

  • Patient Demographics (PAS Queries)
  • Outpatient ADT (Appointment Messages)
  • Inpatient ADT (Admission Messages)
  • Patient Charges (Captured In Other Hospital Systems)
  • Patient Telephone Charges
  • Pathology Orders, Results & Charges
  • Radiology Orders, Results & Charges
  • Patient Pharmacy Charges
Microsoft Windows Server

A platform you can rely upon

A Microsoft Windows service based solution, MessageCall provides all of the connectivity that you would expect from an integration engine. Designed to be used by support staff rather than developers, its intuitive interface enables rapid setup and implementation.

At a glance…

  • Support for the latest version of HL7
  • Process any data structure including XML, fixed length and delimited formats
  • Server connectivity including TCP/IP, HTTP and MS Message Queues
  • Database connectivity including native SQL, OLEDB and ODBC clients
  • Intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) enabling rapid setup through drag and drop configuration
  • Ability to interrogate message statistics
  • Support for multiple interfaces


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