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Effortless scheduling

Effortless Scheduling

Appointments can quickly be revised, cancelled, deleted or moved, with Compucare’s best-in-class scheduling tools. Instantly order diagnostic tests and treatment services, with full diagnostic reporting capabilities, to manage and track requests.

Improve cash flow

Improve cash flow

Automate billing and invoices so you never miss a charge and monitor profitability in real-time. Intelligent contract management ensures all prices are correctly charged – with no manual intervention – handling all complex contract rules that would differ from purchaser to purchaser.

Simple collaboration

Simple collaboration

Integrate third-party products you already use, such as PACs – Compucare allows referral letters to be opened in Pacs, and Pacs images to be opened within Compucare – or discover new ways to extend functionality using Compucare’s modular applications; creating a more efficient, easier way of working.


NHS e-Referral Service

Provide an easy mechanism for GPs and other Primary Care staff to directly book appointments for patients using the NHS e-Referral Service. As an NHS Digital approved PAS, Compucare links to the e-Referral Service via integration to the National Spine, on the secure N3 Network. Compucare handles all of the statutory reporting required for the use of e-RS, without the need for manual intervention.

Enterprise Scheduling


RIS Functionality

Vital Radiology information including the number of projections taken, radiation exposure and any contrast administered, are captured within Compucare’s simple to use RIS functionality. And managing report distributions via modality worklists, offers a seamless pathway throughout the entire Radiology journey.


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