Order Communication

Order Communications

Order diagnostic tests and treatment services, manage and track requests, and receive results instantly.

Seamless integration

Compucare Order Communications seamlessly integrates to both Inpatient and Outpatient modules, enabling examinations to be ordered at the point of booking. Each order request has a unique identifier and can contain single or multiple orders within it, each with their own identifier. This allows the results to be received back against the original order and held against the patient’s electronic patient record.

Eliminate delays

Eliminating the delays of paper-based systems, time is saved processing requests electronically, reducing the possibility of error and significantly speeding up the receipt of results. Order sets of commonly-requested related tests can be setup meaning there is no need for the clinician to choose these tests separately as they can all be ordered within one click, therefore saving time.

Improved efficiency

Since clinicians are able to view all orders and results for the patient, there is a reduction in the number of unnecessary repeat tests ordered, leading to greater efficiency.

Features include:

  • Order pathology, radiology or other requests electronically
  • Integrates to PACS of your choice to view images
  • Create order sets of related items for quick entry
  • Add charges when completing the order
  • Define which users can cancel, delete and complete orders
Order Communications


Smarter scheduling, easier compliance and faster billing.
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