Compucare Inpatients software


Simplify and manage patient admissions, transfers and discharges. With real-time information easily available.

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Easily Manage Your Inpatient Bookings

Manage planned and emergency admissions recording all relevant booking and insurer information along with any admission notes. With the ability to store an insurer’s authorisation code and the expiry date, Compucare helps you keep track of patient’s whose authorisation is due to expire.

Patients can be easily transferred to another ward or bed with the original bed being cleared for another patient or reserved. A full bed management history is visible within the patient’s admission.


Securely Bill And Discharge Patients

Compucare Inpatients automatically bills patient accommodation charges based on the bed history for an admission. The amount of deposit required can be recorded as part of the booking and payment recorded via an easy to use cashier screen.

Automatically generate an invoice of uninsured billable services for a patient upon discharge, rather than waiting for a letter to be dictated and typed.

Ensure patient safety and continuity of care during inpatient and day case discharge with the eDischarge Summary form. This electronically transfers patient data, including future care plans and details of medication, to GP services via a secure MESH mailbox.

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Features include:

  • Easily schedule inpatient and day case admissions
  • View a real-time graphical representation of the ward bed plan
  • Record transfers to another bed or ward
  • Electronically share patient data with GP services via secure eDischarge summary forms
  • Visual alert of how many patients are due to arrive for admission at the same time
  • Produce inpatient letters, registration forms and labels
  • Produce Laserband patient identification wristbands
  • View all patients who have returned from theatre requiring scheduled observations


Smarter scheduling, easier compliance and faster billing.
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