Report Generator

Monitor, analyse and project your Hospital or Clinics performance with our powerful business intelligence solution.

Electronic Patient Record Module
Report Wizard


Powerful to use. Simple to learn

Support management to make informed business decisions and improve the speed and accuracy of forecasting using the intuitive report wizard. Select columns, groupings and filters, categorise by keyword and then organise the reports into libraries.

Easy Pivot Tables

Easy pivot tables

Interactive pivot table provides flexible ways to manipulate and view your data. Simple drag and drop functionality gives you the option to expand or summerise your data.


Highly secure

Easily administer group polices and permissions using Windows Server Active Directory. Security roles specify which users can run, view, amend or delete reports, alongside an audit log of all user activity.


Boardroom Ready

Highly customisable reports can be printed using pre-defined templates or personalised to include company logos, charts and graphs. Month end reports can be run at the click of a button.


At a glance…

  • Create reports from multiple databases
  • Design and deploy reports in seconds
  • Define unlimited columns, groupings and data filters
  • Decide who can view and edit individual reports by assigning group and user privileges
  • SQL Direct feature to create custom ad-hoc reports
  • Access data in a variety of formats including HTML, Excel, CSV and PDF
Report Generator


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