Provider Ledger

Provider Ledger

Manage consultant fees owed to and owed by third party providers, consortiums and pools.

Provider invoicing functionality

The provider’s debt and liability can either be handled separately or the liability netted off against the provider payment. If any administration fees apply, this can be setup and automatically deducted from the amount payable to the provider. Invoices can be raised to consultants for services such as room hire, as well as consumables.

Automating financial processes

All the necessary calculations are carried out for you, with the provider amount or percentage being automatically posted to the relevant account, saving time and improving accuracy. Payment batches can be produced automatically, with the option of paying now or waiting until the patient has paid their invoice.

Clear information

Effectively manage consortiums and pools, with the payment being shared between each member on a fixed percentage basis, or see at-a-glance the outstanding balance owed to a consultant. Transactions are colour-coded – with the option to display all transactions or only those which are outstanding – and specific transactions can be located using an easy to use search facility.

Features include:

  • Process invoices, credits, adjustments, payments and refunds
  • Manage ad-hoc charges and daily fees to consultants
  • Generate cheques and remittances
  • Produce statements
  • Access to a comprehensive selection of reports including payments due and provider account ageing
Provider Laptop


Smarter scheduling, easier compliance and faster billing.
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