The Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN)

Produce and submit the mandatory admission and procedure data required to meet PHIN’s “Admitted Patient Care Master Data Specification”.

How it works

Compucare produces a detailed file for PHIN which can be submitted directly from within the software. Some of the information recorded within Compucare includes:

  • Dual coding of Diagnosis Codes to both private and NHS standards;
  • Dual coding of Planned Procedures to both private and NHS standards;
  • Dual coding of Actual Procedures to both private and NHS standards;
  • Patient consent on an admission record basis.

Hospitals are responsible for submitting data on every privately funded admitted patient episode at their facility. Data must be checked before submission to ensure that it is complete and in the required format. Any records within Compucare which do not meet the validation rules specified in PHIN’s minimum data set will be highlighted prior to submission. This will provide the opportunity to easily correct them to ensure that it accurately reflects the services provided to patients.

If you are currently submitting your data to PHIN via Healthcode, Compucare also features a Data File export option to manually upload to Healthcode, which will enable you to continue with this process.

NHS Number Tracing

Compucare integrates directly with the NHS Personal Demographic Service (PDS) to confirm that currently held NHS Numbers in Compucare are accurate and verified. This solution also supports the automated lookup of NHS Numbers for patient records in Compucare that currently do not have one associated. Compucare automatically runs a batch lookup service overnight, meaning that there are no changes to user workflow to have to implement alongside the solution. 

Streets Heaver can offer both a hosted and non-hosted service options for this NHS Number Tracing Interface.

Report Wizard

About PHIN

The Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN) publishes independent, trustworthy information to help patients make informed treatment decisions, and providers to improve standards. They collect data from hospitals and produce vital safety and quality indicators such as mortality rates, re-admission rates and patient feedback. All hospitals in the UK that offer privately funded healthcare, including NHS hospitals, are required to send data to PHIN.


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