Stock Control

An effective inventory management solution, designed to facilitate the purchase and receipt of supplies, alongside analysing stock usage.

Stock management

All necessary information is recorded against the stock item including supplier, alternative items and prices. Minimum, maximum and reorder levels help keep stock at a suitable level and prevent overbuying, eliminating waste, expired products and stock outs.

Automatic adjustments

As you produce invoices and credits to patients, stock levels are automatically adjusted – maintaining accurate levels and costs – ensuring stock-takes can be easily performed. Prices can be updated when required, by a specific price for an individual item, or by a percentage across an entire billing group. These can also be setup in advance then implemented on a future date.


Features include:

  • Manage either single or multi-location stock
  • Process orders, receipts, returns, invoices, credits and stock adjustments
  • Manage transfers between stores and departmental issues
  • Place items on stop and track expiry dates
  • Perform stock-takes
  • Automatic price update facility
  • Access to a comprehensive collection of reports including stock items which are running low, re-order quantities, outstanding orders, stock valuation and stock balances.


Smarter scheduling, easier compliance and faster billing.
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