Brexit – Our Assessment


Streets Heaver have been asked by Clients to provide an assessment of how Brexit will potentially affect our Business.

This is particularly difficult to call given that at the time of writing nothing has been agreed between our Government and the EU and we also have no clear steer at this stage as to what type of BREXIT we will achieve, if at all. 

Nevertheless, we have looked at the risks to our own business and believe that whatever the outcome of BREXIT, Streets Heaver Healthcare Computing will continue to flourish and will not be materially affected. Although some customers are European, 95% of our business is with the UK and we are not reliant on Europe for any technologies or staff and do not sub-contact either our software development or other services.   

We are not reliant on Europe for any technologies or staff

The suppliers that support our hardware infrastructure are all UK blue chip organisations who source most equipment from companies from the USA with a significant proportion of the services being supplied remotely over the secure internet. The main pressure on these comes from the value of the pound which has depreciated significantly during the two years of the Brexit process. This has caused inflationary pressure on equipment costs and licence fees, but it is well within the limits of what can be managed. 

In summary we believe we have a strong and bright future whatever happens with Brexit.