Compucare: Our Automation Journey

Compucare Automation

Since 1986, Streets Heaver has been dedicated to providing innovative and future-proofed healthcare software solutions across the UK and beyond. 

In those 34 years, our leading hospital management solution, Compucare, has gone from strength to strength.

Today, Compucare is used by hospitals and clinics throughout the UK. This includes 19 of the top 30 earning NHS Trusts for private patient care.

Built from the ground up using the very latest Microsoft technologies by our own Development team in Lincoln, it’s safe to say we’re proud of the product Compucare has become. But in a world of ever-changing technology, we’ve had quite the journey, and we won’t be taking our foot off the accelerator any time soon.

Over recent years, one of the most significant improvements behind the scenes of this powerful solution is the automation enhancements we’ve seen in the testing process.

Rigorous Testing For A Seamless User Experience

The Development team currently work to 6-week cycles for new software updates. Developing everything from new UI overhauls to minor usability tweaks. The course of each new feature rolled out goes through a complex and thorough checking process which has been designed to extend across the company, ensuring all angles for approval are considered.

After extensive reviews of each enhancement, our highly skilled Automation team run scripted regression tests. These are carried out every night, to ensure the system remains stable and issues are not introduced. Since implementing the improved automation UI tests, our reliable hospital information system, Compucare, has further grown as a household name. We’ve seen our valued client base grow significantly, trusted by even more healthcare organisations of all sizes.

To this day, the automation UI tests run over 7000 regression tests nightly, ensuring our main focus is to produce a product that runs seamlessly for its users.

Even with this achievement, we continue to strive to attain the latest Microsoft accreditations and certifications. We continue to work collaboratively with clients to bring out the most valuable and beneficial enhancements, whilst remaining at the forefront of technology. And, we invest personal development time into our team behind the product. With this time being used for things such as research into Azure, cognitive services, AI and natural language, it’s an exciting time to be part of the Compucare automation journey.

Interested in seeing the latest Compucare enhancements? Existing users can find all of our release notes here:

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