New Dark Mode Theme introduced to Compucare 8

By Holly Johnson, Marketing Executive

In our latest version release, Compucare 8 can now be viewed in Dark Mode, also known as ‘Dark Theme’. 

Dark Theme in Compucare 8

This handy new feature can be switched on easily and removes the white screens seen within the default ‘Light Theme’ to make it easier for users to view Compucare in darkened rooms and for longer periods of time. Retaining the qualities of the intuitive user interface within Compucare, the new dark mode provides an elegant and easy-on-the-eye feature option to all its users. 


What is dark mode? 

Dark mode is a display setting for user interfaces. It is intended to reduce blue light exposure and help with eye strain that comes with prolonged screen time.  

When a dark theme is enabled on a screen, it usually means that the dark text on a light or white background is replaced with a darkened or black background and white/grey text.  

Maintaining its readability for users, when a dark mode is enabled it reduces the amount of bright light emitted by screens. These days, most devices and PC operating systems offer system-wide options for a dark mode that you can enable. Many Apps and installed software are also on the same route due to the huge benefits of this alternative view.  


3 key benefits of a dark theme for Hospitals

Whilst there are advantages across the board for users, the healthcare industry can uniquely benefit from utilising dark mode due to the niche requirements in a hospital setting. These include: 

Compucare 8 Orders Screen

Compucare 8 Orders Screen

1. Reduced light exposure in darkened rooms (areas such as Radiology)

Designed to make the best use of dim light situations, the dark mode can greatly improve the experience when software screens are required within areas such as radiology, theatres and ultrasound clinics. The bright light of a screen can be distracting or cause eye strain in these circumstances. 


2. Sleek and elegant display option 

A dark theme increases the customisation options for users. The aesthetics of this screen could compliment hospital receptions or waiting rooms and provide an elegant, yet striking touch to the patient experience. 


3. Lessened eye strain when using the software 

Whilst we are yet to fully understand the side effects of excessive blue light exposure, many people report that a dark mode option is easier to read and reduces eye strain associated with bright screens when used for a long period such as for a clinician or hospital administrator. Regardless of whether blue light exposure specifically causes this eye strain, it seems there is supportive user feedback behind why so many apps and devices have introduced the feature and could be helpful for those who need to look at screens for extended periods. 


How to install dark theme on Compucare 8 

Compucare 8 Scheduler

Compucare 8 Scheduler Screen

The new dark mode theme in Compucare 8 is incredibly easy to switch on.  

To enable the new theme, users can go to User Settings by clicking your person icon in the bottom left corner.

From there, the Theme box will be enabled for you to switch to Dark Theme (or back again). 

If you are a Compucare User, you can visit the dedicated Knowledge Base for further technical information and support on how to activate the dark theme here: Configuring User Settings