SBK NHS Private Patient Service Development Event

Streets Heaver are pleased to be sponsoring SBK’s NHS Private Patient Service Development event in Birmingham, Friday 9 March 2018.

Whether you have an established unit, or still in the early stages of setting up your PPU, there are challenges with having a private patient service within an NHS environment. By sharing current models from successful PPU’s, delegates will be able to take away a good understanding of growing the market and driving forward financial success.



By working together, individual PPUs will be stronger. This event is a great opportunity, not only to hear from leading presenters including ourselves, but also meet your NHS Private Patient Manager peers, benchmark your progress and start building your network to help you drive growth.



Find out how different services have developed their PPU model – taking the best of the NHS and the best of the private world, putting time and effort into achieving cultural change, and keeping private patients as a separately managed (non-commissioned) business. Featuring in-depth sharing on:

  • How PHIN and NHS PPUs can understand each other and work together
  • Effectively running the PPU as a separate business within the confines of a big NHS organisation
  • Operational processes for patient flow: balancing NHS vs private patient capacity and demand
  • Working with insurance companies: building an effective long-term relationship
  • New ideas for improving the wider understanding of the PPU contribution to the NHS
  • From invoice to payment: establishing a robust process for effective credit control
  • Best practice approaches to keeping the costs down and profit high
  • Understanding network agreements: PMI aims, competition and market position
  • Building relationships with GPs: impact of going out to surgeries and drop-in sessions



For the full agenda, speaker details and how to book your place, please visit the SBK events page.

To find out how Streets Heaver and Compucare can provide seamless integration with your existing hospital PAS, improving the accuracy and efficiency of your private patient unit, please visit our dedicated Private Patient Unit solution.