OCL Vision chooses Compucare as EPR & PAS Solution

By Holly Johnson, Marketing Executive

OCL Vision Partners with Streets Heaver to Implement Compucare for Improved Patient Care and Operational Efficiency.

OCL Vision using Compucare 8

We’re thrilled to share that, earlier this year, OCL Vision signed a new contract to implement Compucare 8, across their private eye care facilities in London and Hertfordshire. The cutting-edge EPR and PAS solution will revolutionise the way OCL Vision manages clinical data, patient records and administrative tasks.

Compucare enables healthcare providers to manage all aspects of patient care in a single, integrated platform. Our solution includes a range of features such as electronic patient records (EPR), appointment scheduling, billing and invoicing, and more. This functionality will help OCL Vision streamline administrative processes and improve patient care outcomes.

Paresh Patel, CEO of OCL Vision

Paresh Patel, CEO of OCL Vision

Paresh Patel, CEO of OCL Vision, comments

“We chose Compucare as it gives us the best solution to manage the many facets of our business.

“Our clinics are currently rolling out the system and the talented staff at Compucare have been very responsive in providing support when required.

“All of the feedback we have given them has been responded to quickly, meaning that improvements that could benefit us and their other clients have been taken on board.

“We are very pleased to have chosen Compucare and we look forward to working closely with them as our partner.”

Smarter Scheduling & Improved Workflows

The implementation of Compucare 8 is expected to have a significant impact on OCL Vision’s day-to-day operations. The specialist surgeon-owned clinics will benefit from faster scheduling of appointments and smarter workflows. Additionally, they’ll achieve real-time visibility of patients wherever they are.

“We are thrilled to be working with OCL Vision to implement our Compucare 8 solution,” said Benedict Heaver, Managing Director of Streets Heaver. “We believe that our partnership with OCL Vision will be a great success and we look forward to working closely with them moving forward.”

The implementation of Compucare 8 will be carried out over the coming months and is expected to be fully operational across all of OCL Vision’s clinics in the near future. This partnership is expected to take OCL Vision’s services to a higher level and further strengthen them as a leading eye care provider in the UK.