What is a hospital management system?

By Holly Johnson, Marketing Executive

Compucare Hospital Management System

One of the questions Streets Heaver often gets asked in our initial meetings, is “what is a hospital management system?” or “do I need a hospital information system?”. The answer is usually yes, and that they are technically one and the same.

A hospital management system – as the name suggests – is software designed to cater to the complex business requirements of a hospital, clinic or other healthcare institution. Keeping track of inpatient, outpatient, clinician availability and medical billing, etc. All from a single platform.

Does a private hospital or a private patient unit need a hospital management system?

Today healthcare is a rapidly growing industry. Which means it’s experiencing a high growth rate in terms of services provided. A private hospital management system performs as a central database system to store real-time information on inpatients, outpatients, clinicians, inventories, bed allocation and more exhaustive set of tools for billing and contract management. As a user logs into the hospital management system, they can access all important details easily. Offering a better service to a private patient.

Compucare Notes

The key features of a hospital management system

  • Functions as a database to store all patients related information – inpatient and outpatient; in real-time
  • Manages patient records and asserts data security and confidentiality
  • Manages availability of clinicians and scheduling appointments
  • Managing laboratory equipment, theatre equipment and drugs
  • Managing ward and bed allocation
  • Inventory management with the timely warning system for stock refurbishment
  • Accounting, contract management and correct billing
  • Multiple user accessibility for efficient all-around performance

Which hospital management system should I use?

Most software vendors nowadays, offer configurable and customisable software tools. In other words, new modules can be designed, modified or bolted-on, to benefit a customer’s growth plan or help provide a better service. Similarly, hospital management systems are also designed to blend seamlessly within an existing set-up, where interfacing is required. As a result, interoperability is key. And customer’s should look for a system that talks bi-directionally with third party suppliers; including NHS PAS, Laboratory, PACS, Radiology and Drug Monitoring systems.

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Next steps…

If you still aren’t sure what the right system is for your organisation. Streets Heaver would be happy to talk through your requirements. And as a result, we can show you the features and modules available with Compucare. Either contact us directly or arrange for a demonstration.