Why IT Support is Essential in Healthcare?

By Holly Johnson, Marketing Executive

In healthcare, technology is important. Whether it’s used for communication, to assist with diagnosis, or to manage the scheduling of patients. But what happens when staff who use this technology need help?

Software support

When looking for the next big software enhancement, it’s essential to have good quality support available for the solution too. This may come in the form of phone support, an online chat, knowledge base, or even videos being provided.

Whilst most people are aware of one or two resources on hand, hospitals may not always know of the support available. Without utilising these resources, your health organisation wastes money and time with a costly support contract not put to full use.

5 benefits of software support for hospitals that you might not be using:

  1. Watch videos anywhere, anytime

    In a fast-paced hospital environment, not everyone has the time to take on a full day or two worth of software training. With healthcare software, you can often access the company’s latest release videos, product videos and even case studies online via free platforms such as YouTube, or on their website. This gives users access to the latest enhancements, features and best practices.

  2. Learn in your own time with a Knowledge Base

    Self-help articles are a great opportunity to really get to know your software. Many support contracts give you access to a Knowledge Base filled with a wealth of software documentation. You can read this in your own time, and answer everything from the basic how-to’s for newly employed staff, to lengthy technical instructions for your hospital’s IT department or Super User.

  3. Get real-time answers with online chat

    A convenient way of speaking to someone in support quickly is via live chat. An integral part of most software support offering, you can communicate with the right person in real-time and solve your queries without ever having to pick up the phone.

  4. Access the expertise available

    You may be the expertise in your field of work, but when something goes wrong with your healthcare system, it’s not your forte. Software support teams often have dedicated staff that are skilled in niche areas and have worked with the healthcare industry for many years. You can easily tap into their wealth of knowledge with a quick call or email. The team will direct you straight to the best person for your query.

  5. Complete peace of mind

    Perhaps the most prevalent benefit of software support is the peace of mind it brings. Should there be a problem, you don’t need to worry about how to fix it. Allowing you to focus on delivering first-rate patient care instead. You can reduce stress and time worrying just knowing technical support is available.


There’s so much more added value to what you might be aware of with a support service. The key is to make sure your software purchases come with a good quality support contract. And if you already have one, it’s time to extract all the value you can from it.


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