Why You Need Electronic Discharge Summaries In Your Private Hospital

By Holly Johnson, Marketing Executive

In a hospital setting, an effective discharge process is extremely important for a patient’s ongoing care and treatment.

Clinicians and staff need to easily be able to discharge the right patient data, at the right time, to a relevant outpatient care setting or GP service.eDischarge Summaries on Compucare 8

Nonstandard or offline methods of sending patient discharge letters can lead to missing, inaccurate, or illegible data. This can negatively affect patient safety and continuity of care. This can impact your patient’s experience and damage your hospital’s reputation.

To ensure your hospital delivers a first-rate patient experience that keeps it at the forefront of competition and improves patient loyalty, you can implement eDischarge Summary Forms into your existing hospital management software. The standardised digital form safely transfers clinical information using PRSB headings and coded data which can be extracted directly into GP IT systems.


3 key benefits of eDischarge Summaries


1 – Clinicians and other staff can quickly record demographics, diagnoses, treatments & medications


2 – Enhances communication and accuracy of data between your hospital and GP services


3 – Removes paper trail of traditional discharge letters and improves sustainability

Does your hospital comply with the NHS Digital eDischarge Summary Standard?

On October 31st 2022, NHS Digital completed the implementation stage of the eDischarge Summary standard. The new standard now has ISN status and provides a guideline for digital auto-population of transfer of care inpatient and day case discharge documents from acute hospitals to GP Practice systems.

The electronic form compiles mandatory, required and optional patient information in a widely recognised format. When used in conjunction with a hospital information system, the data is automatically transferred into the form tables, saving valuable time for clinicians.

The PRSB has released a handy video outlining the importance of the eDischarge summary.


For more information on how to complete the summary form, and feedback from junior doctors using the discharge summaries in their daily processes, visit the PRSB Website:



Compucare eDischarge Summary Form

To achieve easy compliance, Compucare provides eDischarge Summary forms that seamlessly link your existing data in your system. Delivering accurate and secure patient data to GP practices.

Skip the third-party integrations and choose Compucare eDischarge Summary Forms with your Compucare 8 system.

  • Seamlessly transfer patient discharge details to GPs
  • Ensure compliance with ISN Standard & NHS Digital approved process for patient discharge
  • Delivery Fail reasons are displayed clearly to eliminate the risk of being missed
  • Eliminate Human Error with Patient Data digitally transferred
  • Achieve key performance targets recognised across the industry

For more information on the Compucare eDischarge Summary Form, contact our sales team on 01522 872 000 or book a demo.