Compucare Live 2019

Across the 17th and 18th October, we took to the road to deliver Compucare Live 19.

Off the back of a successful event in Bristol, we were poised and ready to hit the capital to deliver our most feature-full event yet, to our two larger London audiences.

Hannah was our social guru for the events. Live tweeting as the day’s proceedings took place. With only 280 characters at her disposal, here’s how the two days played out.

Twitter. It’s whats happening.

10:36am – 17 Oct
We are up and running @techUK for our Compucare Live event. Paul Heaver welcomes everyone and gives an insight into what’s ahead. #CompucareLive19 #Compucare

10:44am – 17 Oct
💡 Did you know as a Compucare customer you have access to our knowledge base. This includes webinars, videos and articles to help you get the most from our software 💡 #CompucareLive19 #Compucare

10:48am – 18 Oct PPU Exclusive
Sue Kong, Director @NHSElect takes the delegates through the benefits of marketing, communication and branding #CompucareLive19 #Compucare

Sue Kong, NHS Elect at Compucare Live

Sue Kong, Director NHS Elect presenting at Compucare Live 19

10:51am – 17 Oct
Microsoft are starting to end support across various platforms including Windows 7 👾 Further information can be found direct from Microsoft’s website  #CompucareLive19 #Compucare

11:00am – 17 Oct
Benedict Heaver explains some of the new features already available in Compucare 8 #CompucareLive19 #Compucare

11:08am – 17 Oct
Stuart Hymers demonstrates the new e-registration form ‘live’ in Compucare 8 #CompucareLive19 #Compucare

11:27am – 17 Oct
💡 The new Clinician’s View within Compucare 8 removes all the unnecessary administrative information making it easier to record and view observations, findings and outcomes 💡 #CompucareLive19 #Compucare

12:11pm – 17 Oct
Stuart is explaining some of the new features and additional functionality available in the bed board app #CompucareLive19 #Compucare

Compucare Live Ward App

The Ward App is available to evaluate now

12:34pm – 17 Oct
Benedict and Stuart share our new Ward App with the room. Recording NEWS2 scores has never been more intuitive 🤳🤒 #CompucareLive19 #Compucare

12:41pm – 17 Oct
The Ward App is available to pilot now and works with C8.17. Speak to Stuart Hymers for further details. #CompucareLive19 #Compucare

1:47pm – 17 Oct
Kelvin Donald and Giorgio Viani from @one_welbeck are our guest speakers this afternoon, sharing information about their flagship UK facility at 1 Welbeck Street #CompucareLive19 #Compucare

Compucare Live 19

Compucare Live 19

1:59pm – 18 Oct PPU Exclusive
we’re covering the enhancements we’ve made to the Scheduler, Timeline, Outpatients, Inpatients and Theatre, with live demos to follow #CompucareLive19 #Compucare

2:30pm – 17 Oct
Benedict discusses the new Clinical Coding requirements and the best practice use around them. #CompucareLive19 #Compucare

2:38pm – 17 Oct
Stuart’s diving back into the ‘live’ Compucare system to show the new enhancements available in the Schedular #CompucareLive19 #Compucare

3:00pm – 18 Oct PPU Exclusive
We’re heading into the last leg of today’s PPU focused workshop; starting off with Stuart Hymers discussing the options and possibilities available when interfacing with Compucare. #CompucareLive19 #Compucare

Compucare Live 19 - See you next year!

Compucare Live 19 – See you next year!

3:27pm – 17 Oct
James Powell offers advice and best practice for the most efficient way to upgrade and convert from Compucare 7 to Compucare 8 #CompucareLive19 #Compucare

3:42pm – 17 Oct
Benedict gives a preview of the new Patient app screen and a peek of the re-designed Compucare 8 UX #CompucareLive19 #Compucare

4:02pm – 17 Oct
We’ve come to a close for today’s Compucare Live event. We hope you’ve enjoyed the day and if you couldn’t make it in person, found our updates helpful. See you again next year 🙌🏻 #CompucareLive19 #Compucare

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