Halfway through 2022: What we’ve achieved so far

By Holly Johnson, Marketing Executive

As we reach the halfway point of the year, it gives us a great opportunity to reflect on what we have achieved at Streets Heaver over the past 6 months.


It’s hard to believe that it is already halfway through 2022. Since the start of the new year, there has been so much to be proud of within the Company. From new features and functionality in Compucare, catching up with clients (don’t miss us at the next event in October), and taking the stage as winners of ‘Family Business of the Year‘. Now is a fantastic opportunity to take a step back, reflect and refresh our focus for the next 6 months throughout the business.

Here at Streets Heaver, we continually strive to be employee-centric and learning-focused. This means that standing still just isn’t an option.

To create a behind-the-scenes snapshot into our incredibly talented workforce, we contacted a few of the Company’s departments for a personal 6-month review of their team:


Learning & Development

Stephine O’Hare, Learning & Development Manager

2022 Has been a very exciting year for Learning & Development at Streets Heaver, this time last year we didn’t even have a specific department that existed, it’s incredible to see how the Training department has grown along with the rest of the company. We have seen Megan join the team and dive straight in to improving our internal resources and starting to take on some of the initial training sessions for new starters as well.

We have spent the year focusing on “what next”, after building a successful base standard of training for new starters, how do we assist and aid them long term. To do this we have identified areas that could benefit from having “Advanced Training Sessions” really drilling into the details and focusing on our client’s processes. Alongside this I have written and developed an internal Leadership Course, to help prepare the future leaders at Streets Heaver, we have had our first successful group complete the course and have just started on our second group, with great feedback! The best part was seeing two of the original first group stepping into Team Lead positions not long after completing the course. One of the biggest changes in the last 6 months is the onboarding process falling under the L&D umbrella, allowing us to create a more consistent and informative onboarding process for all new starters. Including some very tasty onboarding welcome boxes for new starters that have been very well received.

Looking back at the achievements of 2022 so far, I am really excited to see what the next year will bring!


Geoff Cooke, Support Manager

The first six months of 2022 have been some of the busiest times in Streets Heaver’s history, and the knock-on effect to Support has seen us completely rewrite our all-time top 5 in the ‘most tickets raised in a week’ stats! The team, though, have risen to the challenge, with Jed, Jess and Richard all reaching the milestone of a century of tickets solved in a calendar month.

Pushing the boat out further several members of the department have been a part of the on-site experiences at Optegra Eye Healthcare and Cromwell Hospital. These members showcased our company values and allowed the department to get experience of seeing the system in use.

There have been some changes to the team too. Jordan and Jess have moved into the Projects team, while Ryan has moved across to the Datacentre team – all three move with our best wishes and thanks for all their hard work. There are also some new faces – we have been joined by Paige, Jacob, Oscar, Tom, and Emily, and we look forward to working with them and seeing them grow.

We have also rebooted our ‘Support Champagne Moment of the Month’ award that had been on hold since Covid arrived, with Natasha, Paige, Jed, and Marvin all having picked up a bottle of their choice of Champagne substitute for their efforts.

All the above has been testament to hard work and collaboration of the department over the past few months, with several in office days/weeks to get the group together proving successful. It has been a great sight to see everyone’s teamwork and dedication.


Andy Robinson, Development Manager

Reflecting over the last 6 months its been action packed. We’ve extended many of our teams – with great additions to our web team, automation and our data centre team. Growth doesn’t come without its challenges, as onboarding a few people into different teams takes dedication to ensure everyone feels welcomed and supported in their career. All of this happened as we had a large new implementation of Compucare which required significant changes to be delivered on time to enable our implementations teams to do their best work, compounded with a go live of one of our oldest customers to our new flagship product.

Whilst all teams worked hard to delivery the changes needed by our customers, we had some great new initiatives within the department. The most memorable would be new growth/upskill hours which now happen across all teams. This is a process of someone taking time to help upskill the team in a chosen area, and this happens monthly. Starting in Automation, this quickly spread to all other development teams.

Within the data centre team we’ve now integrated the release process into automatic upgrading our data centre clients, this has further reduced human interaction and allowed for clients to be using all the changes as soon as we release.

Speaking personally, I’ve not escaped my own challenges, mainly to my technical side but also my availability to the team. I’ve learnt a lot about myself and this refection allows me to understand my limits and when to push beyond, and when to not. What I can say is the last 6 months professionally is made so much easier with a close working team who you can rely on to help pull together.

Looking ahead over the next 6 months we are looking to strengthen our web teams further to allow for more focus on some key strategic areas such as our Patient Portal, and our next generation of Report Generator to name but a few.


Thank you to the team members who took their time to share this valuable snapshot of what 2022 has looked like within Streets Heaver. It’s an exciting and busy time for the company, and we’re extremely motivated to see where the next 6 months take us.