Keyboard Shortcuts To Speed Up Compucare Productivity

Keyboard shortcuts are the easiest way to do things faster, but with the wide variety of software we all use it’s hard to remember what they all are.

However, once you learn the Compucare keyboard basics, not only will you notice a boost to productivity, but you could also reap health benefits too.

Keyboard and Mouse

Efficiency and Precision

You can increase your productivity and accomplish more tasks by using the keyboard instead of mouse. Take for example, the task of selecting multiple patients within Compucare’s Outpatients module to print their patient wristband. You could select them all by simply pressing Ctrl+A, (doing this with the mouse requires a multitude of clicks and key strokes), Ctrl+P to open the print menu, then W to select the wristband. In time you will learn that keyboard shortcuts let you do more with less effort.


When you are using keyboard shortcuts within Compucare, you don’t have to follow the mouse pointer to see what you are doing. You could close the current app you are in with F3. Navigate to the patient area using Ctrl+2. Then press Enter to search for a patient and open their file, all without touching a mouse.

Wear and Tear

Extensive use of the mouse can be associated with Repetitive strain injury (RSI) or Tendinitis. By alternating the use of the keyboard and the mouse, you can reduce the risks of RSI and reduce the fatigue on your wrists and fingers.

The Compucare keyboard shortcuts you need to know!

Below are a few of the most common Compucare shortcuts that can save you time. Perhaps you could print them and place them on your wall, or even set the image up as your desktop background. The trick is to train your muscle memory to automatically use them, instead of reaching for the mouse.

Compucare Keyboard Shortcuts