Streets Heaver Celebrate 35 Years of Business & See Compucare 8 Go Live at Benenden

By Holly Johnson, Marketing Executive

Staff at Streets Heaver had not one, but two reasons to celebrate in March; we’ve officially turned 35 as a Company, and Benenden Hospital has now gone live with our industry-leading Hospital Management System, Compucare 8. A momentous achievement for the whole team.

35 years of Streets Heaver

35 Years of Streets Heaver

For anyone who’s celebrated a birthday in lockdown, you might agree it’s become a slightly less glamorous affair. Streets Heaver is no different. Whilst we must hold off the celebration for now, it seems fitting to use this time to reflect on just how far we’ve come.

On the 14th March 1986, the business that we see today was founded by our Managing Director, Paul Heaver. With just 5 employees in a single room back then, it’s fair to say we’ve grown in numbers quite significantly. 35 years later and Streets Heaver now has 70 talented members of staff, all of which are invested in delivering innovative healthcare software to organisations across the UK.

We’re proud to have built a well-rooted culture and ethos into the company that resonates with every employee. As the Company has grown, we’ve worked hard to introduce diversity and equality across all roles within the business.

Our Journey to Continued Improvement

While Streets Heaver started out very male-dominated, this was a common occurrence in the tech industry for many years. Today, the gender gap has seen a huge improvement, but there are still just 19% of tech-based roles filled by women nationally. Through teaching STEM in local schools and being actively involved in the Women in Tech community, we’ve continued to proactively seek change in this gender gap.

Today, Streets Heaver is comprised of a 33% female workforce, substantially higher than the national average. We’ve come a long way in this journey, and strive to continue improving.

Compucare: Then and Now

Compucare in the 1990s

Compucare in the ’90s

Impressively, many staff members have stuck around long enough to remember the very early days of Compucare. Back then, Compucare was all text-based, originally running on XENIX/UNIX operating systems with dumb terminals attached (mainly monochrome), and it was written in a 4GL language called Seachange.

By 1990, Streets Heaver already had a customised Seachange accounts system installed in a local hospital. And throughout the 1990s, Streets Heaver developed additional modules; the ancestors of those you see in Compucare today.

Compucare is now an industry-leading Hospital Management System, trusted by over 90 healthcare organisations – including all of the top-earning 10 NHS trusts – across the UK and beyond.

Benenden Hospital Goes Live With Compucare 8

As we hit this milestone, it seemed only fitting to have been synonymously launching one of our biggest clients, Benenden Hospital, onto the latest Compucare version.

Compucare 8 is now live across the entirety of their award-winning hospital in Kent.

Benenden was founded in 1905 with the purpose of people joining together to help pay for medical care when they might need it. Now with over 800,000 members, this remains their core purpose as a not-for-profit society. Benenden Hospital is a subsidiary of the Society and is an independent hospital in Kent delivering first-class treatment for a wide range of specialities. The hospital has charitable status and accepts Benenden members, private patients and NHS patients.

Replacing the hospital’s previous outdated PAS system, Compucare 8 has helped bring Benenden into the digital age. Compucare’s modern and intuitive interface provides users with the right information they need for their role, all delivered from one central database for smarter interoperability.

We are delighted to see Benenden go live with Compucare and look forward to seeing their many successes through our solution.

As we turn 35, achievements like this reaffirm the comprehensive and first-rate functionality of our hospital management system – and Streets Heaver’s ongoing commitment to supporting the healthcare industry.


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