Mosaic – Lincoln’s latest digital hub


The Mosaic’s open plan workspace

Stephine and Candy recently went to hear about the Mosaic. A great new £1.8m co-working digital space from Laura Dunne and Ben James from the Co-op. Hosted by Digital Lincoln.

Mosaic is a new digital hub. Created and designed to fuel and house the digital community within the area. It’s a space to collaborate and innovate in the heart of Lincoln; located for ease of access in Thomas Parker House on Silver Street.

On the ground floor they have a coffee area and full time host, who will mingle between the tenants, introducing like minded people. There are small desks for chats, hotdesks for working, private phone booths and closed off areas perfect for personal conference calls.

Members have an area at the back of the ground floor for “hot-desking” being able to jump on and off for quick projects or when you feel the strike of creativity! School management information system (MIS) provier Scholarpack have already been signed up as the flagship tenant, moving in as we speak.


The hub’s hotdesk workspace

The next level is reserved for higher memberships including private desks and office spaces to suit different sizes.

Individual desk spaces are private and have the opportunity to make your own; with lockers for storage of personal belongings. Also available spaces for small groups of people looking to collate their ideas and work. There are also different meeting rooms that will be bookable. These were originally intended for members only. But I believe they are looking to open up this space to external bookings over time.

Come evening time the Mosaic will be available to rent for events and open to all. Whether this be more Digital Lincoln talks, women in tech meet ups or maybe Streets Heaver will make use of the space in the future!

The prices for the different memberships will be released shortly, they are aiming to have the doors open in October, and they are open to tours when they do, for more information or to sign up to a tour visit

The main feeling they wanted to promote throughout the evening was that community was the priority here. The building was nothing without the people thriving inside. They want the digital community to flourish within the Mosaic using it as the hub of their digital workspace.

Article Credit: Stephine O’Hare