Streets Heaver at The Private Healthcare Summit 2016

The Private Healthcare Summit hosted in Cavendish Square, London. 21st June 2016.

This year’s 2016 Private Healthcare Summit brought together the best in the sector of UK Private Healthcare, providing an insightful day of rampant discussion, networking and education in Cavendish Square, London. Streets Heaver were one of the exhibitors at the event, showcasing an exclusive video demonstration of the latest version of the company’s primary product, Compucare 8.1. Other exhibitors at the event included eClinicalWorks, DGL Practice Manager and Wolff Olins.

The Summit discussion was hosted by Sue Savill, a medical and broadcast journalist who steered the audience through the various debates and discussions with a knowingly practiced television manner.

The event began with speeches from the likes of Jill Watts (CEO of BMI Healthcare) and Fiona Booth (CEO of AIHO) who discussed the importance of working together for the greater good and past and future changes of the private healthcare sector, which linked hand in hand. With the then-looming EU referendum, the NHS was a hot topic, where there was question that could the NHS in fact, be the saviour of the Private Healthcare sector?

This year there was a great deal of emphasis placed on the digital side of the Private Healthcare industry, with information in regards to the importance of social media and content to meet and exceed the value expectations of patients and clients. The first of the parallel sessions were incredibly insightful, considering opportunities and restrictions in terms of international expansion into China, America and Russia.

The day, all in all, was a raging success for everyone who attended. Industry professionals, including members of the Streets Heaver company, left the event with fresh ideas and replenished perspectives regarding the Private Healthcare Sector.