Takeover – Women In Tech

women in tech

Chelsea, Sam and Stephine poised for the lightning talks

We were proud to sponsor Digital Lincoln’s Takeover – Women in Tech last night. Even more proud that some of our talented team members got involved too!

So I’m handing over to Stephine, as a lightning speaker, to offer her view on proceedings…

Last night I had the privilege of attending my very first ‘TAKEOVER! Women in Tech’ event and I’m so glad we went! The evening was a mixed group of men and women all there celebrating Women in Tech. We started by writing our talk subjects on post-it notes for everyone to read before the host Jen, kindly ordered them for the evening. My ‘I don’t like gaming’ talk seemed to rattle some cages before we even began. But decided to stay strong and power through.

With tummy’s full of pizza and beer we settled down to listen to the Lightning talks of the evening. Our host Jen explained how this was her very first time organising a women in tech meeting, and she had been inspired by ‘Women in Tech- Nottingham’ to bring the event to Lincoln, and I’m so glad she did!

Post-it’s a plenty…

The diversity of topics were thought provoking and interesting. Ranging from a deep and honest talk about being vulnerable to a hilarious tale of one woman’s commute, detailing her thought process while falling off of her bike to which body part she deemed least important to break.

It was great to see a group of people connect, all of us stepping out of our comfort zones. Then it came the turn of myself and Chelsea. I explained my dislike of gaming and how I felt in an I.T industry this made me feel isolated, but coming to Streets Heaver allowed me to learn that a dislike of gaming doesn’t hinder me in excelling in my job with the skill-set I possess. It was great to hear Chelsea stand up and recount her own personal journey . The strength and determination she had to have to work through her dyslexia and dyscalculia to pursue a career in I.T (and we’re very grateful she did!).

Final thoughts

All-in-all the evening was a success, and the buzz at the end of the night proves it. Everyone excited and eager to come along to the next event, and I’m sure Streets Heaver will be present once again. Maybe even with some more prizes to give away; I’m very pleased with my “Why so Slow” book by Virginia Valian!