Should You Upgrade Your Healthcare Software?

By Holly Johnson, Marketing Executive

For health organisations wondering if they are in need of upgrading their healthcare software; in short, the answer is yes.

healthcare software

Many hospitals and clinics question the benefits of upgrading their hospital management system already in place. With an existing healthcare software solution providing the functionality they need and staff fluent in the processes, a system upgrade can often seem like a task for the future – or not at all.

Choosing to update your system, however, can open up a world of benefits. Including better productivity, streamlined workflows and improved patient care. We look at the 4 key benefits of  ensuring you’ve upgraded to the latest healthcare software within your setting:


1. Stand out in your industry

The health industry had been notoriously slow in adopting the latest technologies, but the pace has significantly changed over the past year. It’s no secret that the pandemic has sped up software adoption. It has helped those who have adapted to the modern requirements, to significantly stand out against their competitors. Patients’ demands have shifted and, as a result, are increasingly looking to these organisations who’ve kept their ear to the ground.


2. Improve efficiency and staff productivity

Upgrading your software to the latest version will give you access to improved workflows and templates. For medical professionals, they can more easily track patient data in real-time and eliminate time-consuming processes with smart enhancements that have been introduced based on user experience. New software is often designed with more user-friendly interfaces, making it easier to understand too.


3. Provide better patient care

Improved software will enable medical professionals to better monitor their patient data. Being able to more accurately manage your patients’ care leads to improved outcomes, happier patients and loyalty to your hospital. With software that has the latest features available it’s also likely you will see more integration capabilities to help a patient throughout their journey, from referral to discharge and beyond!


4. Reduce costs and paper trail

With all of the time saving achieved through eliminating the slow manual tasks, you’ll find the cost savings soon add up. A new solution can considerably improve your scheduling and billing tasks too. In this ever-increasing digital world, a good system will eliminate your paper trail and provide the digitalised alternatives to expensive data printouts. Removing all associated costs and risk of human error. Not only is this effective in cutting costs across your organisation, but it makes a big difference to the environment and your efforts of going green!